Patterson Inn
420 East 11th Avenue
Denver, Colorado, 80203, United States

Guest Suites

The Patterson Inn features nine luxurious suites, each designed around its own unique theme. Furnishings in each room reflect the personality of that room, as well as the history and elegance of the building, and each includes its own private bath. From the decadence of the Antoinette, to the old world feel of the Prague, each distinctive room promises its own special experience. Explore the rooms using the links on the left to discover more!

Da Vinci1 Da Vinci12 Da Vinci13 Da Vinci11 Da Vinci10 Da Vinci18 Da Vinci14 Da Vinci16 Da Vinci2 Da Vinci17 Da Vinci15 Da Vinci4 Da Vinci5 Da Vinci7 Da Vinci9 Da Vinci6 Da Vinci8

DaVinci - $303 - $314

Rich wooden furniture, walls covered with thick texture and warm colors, make the DaVinci suite an inviting space in which to relax.

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Antoinette1 Antoinette11 Antoinette3 Antoinette2 Antoinette5 Antoinette6 Antoinette9

Antoinette - $219 - $251

Bright white walls and trim are delicately accented with touches of turquoise and set off with ornate chandeliers and sconces.

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Biltmore1 Biltmore10 Biltmore11 Biltmore13 Biltmore15 Biltmore4 Biltmore2 Biltmore5 Biltmore16 Biltmore7 Biltmore9 Biltmore12 Biltmore6 Biltmore8 DSCN1416

Biltmore - $259 - $270

Inspired by the Biltmore in North Carolina, this suite mimics the monochromatic theme of chateauesque chamber design. Elegant and romantic. An escape from everyday life.

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Cheshire1 Cheshire3 Cheshire2 Cheshire5 Cheshire9 Cheshire6 Cheshire8 Cheshire7

Cheshire - $325 - $347

Bright colors, unusual proportions and whimsical design make for a fun and fantastical stay while at the Patterson.

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Gusteau1 Gusteau11 Gusteau12 Gusteau13 Gusteau10 Gusteau15 Gusteau16 Gusteau14 Gusteau18 Gusteau17 Gusteau20 Gusteau3 Gusteau4 Gusteau19 Gusteau2 Gusteau21 Gusteau5 Gusteau7 Gusteau6 Gusteau9 Gusteau8

Gusteau - $270 - $281

The warm natural colors, which are offset by whitewashed antiqued furniture capture the romantic spirit of 19th century Paris.

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Biltmore14 Library1 Library11 Library10 Library12 Library13 Library2 Library14 Library3 Library5 Library4 Library6 Library7 Library9 Library8

Library - $270 - $281

“Mr. Plum did it with the wrench in the Library…..”

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No.9 1 No.9 11 No.9 10 No.9 12 No.9 13 No.9 2 No.9 14 No.9 4 No.9 3 No.9 6 No.9 7 No.9 8 No.9 9 No.9 5

No. 9 - $208 - $241

Black and white striped walls, bright yellow furniture and curiously shaped objects give No 9 a personality all of its own.

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Prague1 Prague10 Prague11 Prague13 Prague14 Prague15 Prague12 Prague16 Prague2 Prague18 Prague17 Prague4 Prague5 Prague3 Prague6 Prague19 Prague9 Prague8 Prague7

Prague - $270 - $281

Let your eyes gaze upward toward the 27 foot towering cathedral ceiling.

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Royale1 Royale10 Royale11 Royale12 Royale13 Royale14 Royale2 Royale3 Royale5 Royale7 Royale8 Royale9

Royale - $303 - $314

As if in Monte Carlo, the Royale’s gold walls bring with them the air of luxury and sophistication.

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