Denver Zoo

Denver Zoo has 84 acres of breathtaking land and beautiful wildlife. The Denver Zoo provides the ultimate care to its wildlife, educational experiences for visitors, and participates in global conservation efforts. Visitors can enjoy a memorable day with their families and friends at Denver Zoo. Beyond observing and learning, Denver Zoo has several events that are fun for the whole family.


The Denver Zoo features animals from every corner of the world. Visitors can "adopt" a stuffed animal. Purchases support conservation efforts and contribute to the quality care Denver Zoo gives their animals. The Zoo also has Up-Close looks that are available for certain animals and unique exhibits.


Denver Zoo's philosophy is to provide transformative learning experiences that connect people to the wonder of animals and nature. Guests can attend Virtual Classrooms, Safari Camps, Nature Play, Graduate Programs, Community Outreach, and Student Career Resources. The zoo supports sustainability and accepts donations.


Great zoo! Lots of different animals, big enclosures, good viewing areas, and very friendly staff. There are also lots of member events if you get a membership. The family memberships pay for themselves within a couple visits, and the zoo is definitely somewhere you can go more than once. One of my favorite places in Denver.
Ethan Anderson / Google Reviews
Beautiful zoo! All animals were out due to nice weather. Cutest lion cubs and peaceful giraffes. All Covid-19 guidelines followed and enforced, which made for a very safe and welcoming experience.
Emily Winter / Google Reviews
The zoo was great. The paths were mark so folks could maintain our distance. The employees were scattered throughout the zoo and gave us some animal, zoo and Denver history facts. It was very well organized. The restaurants were very well organized too. We had a very enjoyable time with our family.
Deborah Tracy / Google Reviews